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Art History   Suggest a Link
General Art History Resources
Analysis of the Visual Image 
ARLIS/NA: Art Libraries of North America 
Art and Architecture of Venice (Carl Gable)
Artcyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine (comprehensive list of links to image archives and museum websites searchable by artist name, title, and location) (John Malyon)
Art History WWW Resources (general art history portal) (Robert A. Duffy)
Art History Research Centre ("the first and foremost tool for art historical research on the internet") (Leif Harmsen, Concordia U.) [Show]
Artist-Show.com (links to information on museums, galleries, exhibitions, auctions, art, resources for artists, etc.)
Art Materials and Techniques
Fresco [Show]
Oil Painting [Show]
Pottery and Ceramics
Majolica/Maiolica [Show]
Art on the Web (extensive compilation of art and art-history resources, including online courses, image collections) (Jeffery Howe)
ArtServe (Art & architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin, Japan and now India) (Michael Greenhalgh, Australian National U)
Avery Images: RLG Digital Image Access Project (DIAP) 
Carol Jackson Presents Fine Art (biographies and large pictures for over 100 artists)
Clearinghouse of Image Databases & IMAGELIB Listserv Archives (U. Arizona Library)
College Art Association (includes tables of contents for Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and online conference news)
Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities
Conducting Research (list of and links to online research resources at the Getty)
The Getty Vocabularies
The Getty Vocabulary Program 
AAT: Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online (extensive art and architecture vocabulary)
TGN: Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online ("a vocabulary of 1.3 million names...focusing on places important for the study of art and architecture")
ULAN: Union List of Artist Names Online ("more than 225,000 names and biographical and bibliographic information about artists and architects...")
Grove Dictionary of Art ("instant access to award winning scholarship in 41,000 articles on the art and culture of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific, with links to images and further information in museum and other art-related web sites"; require
History of Art ("A resource of images for support of instruction:" images from ancient-modern art) (Dr. Chris Henige)
Huntington Library Research Materials in Art History 
ICONCLASS Home Page ("ICONCLASS organizes iconography into 10 'main divisions' in which the definitions are ordered hierarchically. At present the system contains approximately 28,000 definitions of objects, persons, events, situations and abstract ideas that can be the subject of an image. The bibliography consists of c. 40,000 references to books and articles of iconographical and cultural historical interest.") (Available in English, French, German and Italian)
Iconografische Thema's (guide to iconographical themes in historical art; includes images; in Dutch) (Jaconelle Schuffel)
Image Copyright & Intellectual Property Issues
Copyright and Image Management (extensive, detailed guide to copyright issues relevant to academic text and image work) (Georgia Harper, Office of General Counsel, U. Texas System)
Educational Fair Use Guidelines for Digital Images (Georgia Harper, Office of General Counsel, U. Texas System)
International Directory of Art Libraries (searchable) (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
Mark Harden's Artchive [Show]
Mother of All Art History Links Pages [Show]
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Fine Arts (U. Waterloo)
SIRIS: Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (Smithsonian catalogs, including libraries, archives and manuscripts, art inventories, Juley photographic collection, and specialized bibliographies)
Thais 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture (information and images on Italian sculpture from the Middle Ages to Modern times) (in English and Italian)
Timeline of Art History ("a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art, as illustrated especially by the museum's collection") (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
WebMuseum, Paris (Nicolas Pioch) [Show]
General Resources for African Art
Timeline of Art History: Africa ("a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art, as illustrated especially by the museum's collection:" timeline explores African Art from 8000 B.C. to 1800 A.D. An excellent resource) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
African Rock Art (introduction and images for African Rock art from the Northern, Central and Southern Zones) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
ArtLex African Art (many high resolution image links with good explanations) (Michael Delahunt)
African Art and History (extensive links to information on African Art and history, including lesson plans) (The Incredible Art Department, Judy Decker)
PBS Wonders of the African World (website explores African history and culture with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard U.)
British Museum Africa (explores African Art from ancient to contemporary times through the museum's collections)
African Art on the Internet (extensive links to online resources for African Art) (Karen Fung, Stanford U.)
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning (an electronic exhibition catalogue, extensive information with good images) (U. of Virginia)
Facing the Mask (online resources for the exhibition include information for teachers, plus images with explanations) (Museum for African Art, New York)
Art and Life in Africa Project (extensive information about African Art and culture) (U. of Iowa)
Artchive African Art (introduction and image links) (M. Harden)
Africa: The Art of a Continent (online resource for museum exhibition includes extensive information and images on African Art including interactive map of the African continent) (Guggenheim Museum, New York)
Art of Africa (links to high quality images and information sources) (Mike Gunther, Timelines/Old Stones Art History Website)
The Baobab Project (extensive research resource for students and scholars of African visual culture) (Suzanne Preston Blier, Harvard U.)
Art History Resources on the Web: African Art (extensive information on African Art, covering many time periods, countries, and media) (Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College)
Northern Africa
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
The Art of Ancient Egypt (excellent web resource includes themes, timeline, objects, and curriculum connections) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
1-500 C.E.
500-1000 C.E.
1000-1400 C.E.
1400-1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
Central Africa
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
1 - 500 C.E.
500 - 1000 C.E.
1000 - 1400 C.E.
1400 - 1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
Eastern Africa
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
1 - 500 C.E.
500 - 1000 C.E.
1000 - 1400 C.E.
1400 - 1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
Southern Africa
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
1 - 500 C.E.
500 - 1000 C.E.
1000 - 1400 C.E.
1400 - 1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
Western and Central Sudan
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
Art of Ancient Mali (information on geography and history, includes good instructional resources) (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
1 - 500 C.E.
500 - 1000 C.E.
1000 - 1400 C.E.
Mali Empire and Djenne Figures (detailed introduction to the Mali Empire including images and resources for educators) (National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution)
1400 - 1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
The Guinea Coast
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
1 - 500 C.E.
500 - 1000 C.E.
1000 - 1400 C.E.
1400 - 1600 C.E.
18th century
19th century
African Diaspora Cultures
General Resources for Asian Art
Art History Resources on the web: Asian Art comprehensive site with info on Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese art among others (Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College, Virginia, USA)
Asian Art Appreciation excellent site on Chinese, Vietnamese, Japenese, Indonesian, Thai among others. links to asian art museums websites around the world (asia-art.net)
Asian Art  (newspapaer for "monthly information source for the world of Asian art. coverage spans the entire Asian art world from East Asia, Southeast Asia to Himalayan and South Asian arts)." (M-Dixon.com)
Articles on Asian Art (on-line journal on Asian art. "Articles by leading scholars and experts." (Asianart.com)
Taosim and Chinese Art (essays on Origins of Taoism, Taoist Cosmology Sacred Mountains and Cults of the Immortals) (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Taoism and the Arts of China (info on Taoists artists, Gods of Taoists, Taoist Landscapes) (Victor M. Cassidy) (artnet)
Overview of Literati Painting (Bunjinga) ("Paintings produced by intellectuals as a hobby, originated in China in the 11th century, adapted by Japanese artists beginning in the 18th century) (Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts)
Introduction to Chinese Art and Aesthetics (essay covering various aspects of Chinese aesthetics. includes notions of "Order and Chaos - Intention and Chance". (Dusan Pajin) (Arts University, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
Historical Wonders of Sanxingdui   (essays on Sanxingdui remains." two large sacrificial pits from the Shang Dynasty were discovered; thousands of natural treasures were unearthed") (China Internet Information Center)
Art of China (general article on Chinese art) (Cynthia) (Briases Home)
General Resources for Indian Art
Art Forms of India (brief articles on painting sculpture, temple architecture- includes dance, theatre, cinema)(indiansaga.info)
Indian Sculpture (brief description of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures)(AsianInfo.org)
Timeline of Indian Art  (Kamat's Potpourri)
Art of India  (related links to various aspects of Indian art)
Indus Valley Civilization
The Ancient Indus Valley Civilization  (essay on Indus Valley civilization, includes bibliography)(Michael Smith)
 (comprehensive site on Indus valley civilization with great images and latest info on the excavations and controversies(real audio version available)(Harappa 1995-2001)
The Indus Script (a detailed analysis of Indus script- 20 page interview with the historian, Iravatham Mahadevan) (Harappa 1998)
Indus Valley sculptures (brief essay)(indiansaga.info)
Bibiliography of Books on Indian Art
Books on Art History (comprehensive annotated catalogue of books on Indian art) (vedamsbooks.com)
Bibliography of Indian Art (brief list of books on Indian art with one line description for each book) (Michael D. Gunther) (www.art-and-archaeology.com)
DSAL: Digital South Asia Library (provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia) (dsal.uchicago.edu)
The Shiva Gallery (brief list of books on paintings, sculptures and iconography of Hindu god Shiva) (Melody N., Caitlin O., Kelly P.)
Bharut and Sanchi
Buddhist Art in India (brief info on bharut and sanchi and early phases of Indian art)(Radha Bannerjee) (IGNCA)
Bharut Stupa Railings (images of Bharut, also has basic info on indian architecture: Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Islamic) (stolaf.edu)
Mathura and Gandhara Art
Greco-Buddhist Art (Gandharan art works with text)(Wikipedia.org)
Yagihashi Tsukasa (Tohoku university of art and design in Japan) Investigation of Early Mathura Buddhism Sculpture  (explains Yagihashi's theory of "The Shape of Flower" in Mathura Buddhist scupltures)
P.C. Jain (exoticindia.com) Evolution of the Buddha Image (interesting article on the origin of the image of Buddha)
Art Education- Gandhara (images and text from Gandhara)(Arts Indian Atelier)
Art of the Gupta Period
The Age of Guptas and After  (brief history of the Gupta Period. Has links to Vedic, Aryan and Mauryan age and a glossary of Indian terms and concepts) (Richard Hooker)
Gupta Dynasty, Golden Age of Guptas (short essay on the Gupta period with emphasis on the Gupta coins)(Nupam Mahajan)(unc.edu)
Islamic Art
Rajasthani Miniature Paintings
Mughal Art
Akbar [Show]
Jahangir [Show]
Shah Jahan [Show]
Mughal Miniature Paintings [Show]
Mughal Architecture [Show]
Mughal Gardens [Show]
Mughal History [Show]
General Resources [Show]
Bibliography [Show]
Company Paintings
Company Paintings  (info on vaious aspects of Comapny Paintings that "were created by Indian artists employed by members of the British East India Company") (Sarah Paul)
Company School Painting in South India   (essay on Company paintings with images) (Shankar Natarajan)
Innovative Mica Paintings of 19th Century India  (Pran Nevile)
Modern and Contemproray art of India
M.F. Hussain [Show]
Indian Modern Art (essays on company paintings, Bengal School and the Progressive Group) (Arts Indian Atelier)
Mauryan Period
Mauryan Empire (brief history of Mauryas)(metmuseum.org)
The Mauryan Empire (links to Buddhism, Asoka and Mauryan sculpture) (Kamat's Potpourri)
The Life Of Ashoka Mauryan (brief info on the life, history and legacy of Ashoka)(Kevin, California State University, Chico)
The Kingdom of Magadh (info on Ashokan edicts, also has links to Gupta period)(The Asylum of Sarabhanga)
Vedic Period
David Frawley (http://www.vedanet.com/) The Myth of the Aryan Invasion (critical essay that questions the belief "the Vedic culture was that of primitive nomads from Central Asia") (Akhand Bharat)
Art of Japan (basic info on Japanese art) (Brisas Museum of art history)
Japanese Painting (history of Japanese painting and info on different schools like Kano, Tosa-ha, nanga, shijo painting) (artelino GmbH)
Japanese Art and Architecture  ("works of art produced in Japan from the 10th millennium BC, to the present") (Nicolas Pioch) (web museum, Paris)
Identifying Buddhist Images in Japanese Painting and Sculpture (excellent essay on Buddhist imagery, includes info on Japanese mandalas like Taizokai Mandara) (Douglas P. Sjoquist)(Education About Asia, Volume 4, No.3, Winter 1999)
Japanese Art (info on Japanese ceramics, laquer, painting, sculpture, prints) (LACMA)
The Art of Sumi-e (philosophy, technique of Japanese ink painting, Sumi-e) (Silver Dragon Studio)
Japanesed Ritual Architecture ("An Overview of Japanese Ritural Architecture from the Kofun to Momoyama Periods")(Kyle Gorden)
Korean Painting: Prehistory to the late 19th Century (asia-art.net)
Korean Arts (basic info on history and types of Korean painting. Inlcudes info on Tal-nori, Korean mask performance) (korean-arts.com)
Soyoung Lee (AskAsia.org) Influences of Belief on Korean Art  ("Overview of Landscape Painting in Korea". Also has links to other articles on Buddhism, Confucianism and others)
Korean Buddhist Temples (history and info on main Buddhist temples of Korea- also has articles on Korean Buddhism)(buddhapia.com)
Korean Architecture (an overview of Korean architecture from pre- historic to contemporary times)(AsianInfo.org)
An Introduction to Himalayan Art ("a comprehensive research database, a virtual museum, of Himalayan and Tibetan art". Links to history, symbolism, iconography and philosophy of Tibetan art. Articles on tantric art, mandala paintings and Buddhist thangkas paintings.(Himalayan Art Website, Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation)
Mystical Arts of Tibet (info on Tibetian mandala sand paintings and sacred music and dance of Tibet) (Richard Gere Productions & Drepung Loseling Institute)
Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection (text of catalogue written by Jane Casey Singer.Essays on the concept and structure of the mandala)(Rossi and Rossi, London)
Buddhist Art and Ritual from Nepal and Tibet  ("conveys the way art functions in a traditional Tantric Buddhist altar") (Barbara Matilsky Curator, Ackland Art Museum)
News, History and Buddhism (a comprehensive site on Tibet including links to art, history and philosophy of Buddhism)(reversespins.com)
Prehistoric Art
General Resources for Prehistoric Art
Prehistoric Art of the Eastern Mediterranean (website of the Getty Museum's exhibition Prehistoric Art of the Eastern Mediterranean; includes excellent images with descriptions and historical information) (Getty Museum)
Rock Art
Rock Art Links -Petroglyphs (Andrea Arca')
Tracce: Rock Art Online Bulletin (petroglyph research)
Chauvet [Show]
Lascaux [Show]
Prehistoric Art: Mesolithic (Introduction to Mesolithic art with links to images in Eastern Europe and Asia) (in English and Russian)
History of Art and Architecture: Neolithic Art (great images and descriptions of Neolithic art and architecture throughout present-day France and Great Britain) (Dr. Chris Henige)
Classical/Ancient Art
General Resources for Classical/Ancient Art
Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE (James O'Donnell)
General Resources for Medieval Art
Tour: Italian Altarpieces and Religious Sculpture of the 1300s (historical information and images) (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.)
Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture (Jane Vadnal)
Arms and Armour in Medieval Europe (introduction and images with links to exhibitions) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Timeline of Art History: Europe; 1000-1400 A.D. ("a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art, as illustrated especially by the museum's collection") (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The Labyrinth ("Resources for Medieval Studies, sponsored by Georgetown U."- includes information on art and many other subjects) (Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart)
NetSERF: Medieval Art (extensive links and information on art and artists of the Middle Ages)
Medieval Studies: Art and Architecture (Isobel Stark, U. Sheffield)
Index of Russian Icons (12th through 18th centuries) (George Mitrevski, Auburn U.)
The Glory of Byzantium ("an online exploration of Byzantium created in conjunction with the exhibition The Glory of Byzantium) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Byzantium (introduction and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Byzantium: Faith and Power (an online exploration of the exhibition Byzantium: Faith and Power) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The Tanenbaum Gallery of Byzantine Art (an excellent online tour of the Tanenbaum Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum - extensive images and information)
ArtLex Byzantine Art (extensive introduction and images for Byzantine art) (M. Delahunt)
Romanesque Art (introduction to Romanesque art in Europe) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Art-Roman.net (an exploration of Romanesque art throughout France) (in French)
General Resources for Gothic Art [Show]
Italy [Show]
15th Century
Jean Fouquet [Show]
Web Gallery of Art Martin Schongauer (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Web Gallery of Art Wolf Huber (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Web Gallery of Art Stephan Lochner (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
General Resources for 15th century Italian art [Show]
Fra Angelico [Show]
Giovanni Bellini [Show]
Sandro Botticelli [Show]
Leonardo Da Vinci [Show]
Donatello [Show]
Piero della Francesca [Show]
Lorenzo Ghiberti [Show]
Fra Filippo Lippi [Show]
Masaccio [Show]
Pietro Perugino [Show]
Jacopo della Quercia [Show]
Paolo Uccello [Show]
General Resources for 15th century Netherlandish Art [Show]
Hieronymous Bosch [Show]
Dieric Bouts the Elder [Show]
Robert Campin/The Master of Flémalle [Show]
Petrus Christus [Show]
Jan van Eyck [Show]
Geertgen tot Sint Jans [Show]
Hugo van der Goes [Show]
The Limbourg Brothers [Show]
Hans Memling [Show]
Rogier van der Weyden [Show]
Web Gallery of Art Gil de Siloe (images and biography)
Web Gallery of Art Pedro Berruguete (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
16th Century
Albrecht Altdorfer (biography, images, and brief analyses of Altdorfer's work) (Nicolas Pioch, Web Museum)
Web Museum, Paris Hans Burgkmair (images and biography) (Emil Kren and Daniel Marx)
Hans Baldung Grien (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Lucas Cranach the Elder [Show]
Albrecht Dürer [Show]
Matthias Grünewald [Show]
Hans Holbein the Younger [Show]
Tilman Riemenschneider [Show]
Veit Stoss [Show]
General Resources for 16th century Italian art [Show]
Jacopo Bassano [Show]
Michelangelo [Show]
Raphael [Show]
Titian [Show]
Netherlandish (And Northern)
Pieter Aertsen  (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Pieter Bruegel the Elder [Show]
Quentin Massys [Show]
Joachim Patinir [Show]
El Greco (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
17th Century
Joseph W. Dauben, Gary Welz (City U. New York), "The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective" (extensive hypermedia essay with many illustrations)
General Resources for 17th century Netherlandish Art [Show]
Anthony van Dyck [Show]
Rembrandt van Rijn [Show]
Johannes Vermeer [Show]
Diego Velazquez [Show]
18th Century
General Resources for 18th century European Art
Eighteenth-Century European Dress (introduction and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
General Resources for 18th century British Art [Show]
Thomas Gainsborough [Show]
William Hogarth [Show]
Angelica Kauffmann (Swiss painter, active England) [Show]
Mary Moser [Show]
Allan Ramsey [Show]
Sir Joshua Reynolds [Show]
General Resources for 18th century French Art [Show]
François Boucher [Show]
Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin [Show]
Jacques-Louis David [Show]
Jean-Honoré Fragonard [Show]
Jean-Baptiste Greuze [Show]
Jean-Antoine Houdon [Show]
Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun [Show]
Jean-Antoine Watteau [Show]
19th Century
General Resources for 19th century European Art
Russian Art (19th-C. and Modern periods) (George Mitrevski / American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)
Color Printing in the 19th Century (exhibition at Hugh M. Morris Library U. Delaware Library; includes explanations of
The Grand Tradition of Landscape (exhibition with introductory essays and images) (Sharon L. Hirsh, Dickinson C.)
The Art of Aubrey Beardsley: A Gallery of His Drawings (Glyphs)
John Constable [Show]
Henry Fuseli [Show]
Margaret M. Giles [Show]
John Singer Sargent (Boston Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit, 1999)
The New Child: British Art & the Origins of Modern Childhood, 1730-1830 (1995 exhibition at the U. Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley)
Pre-Raphaelites [Show]
J. M. W. (Joseph Mallord William) Turner [Show]
William Blake (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Johan Barthold Jongkind (Web Museum)
Vincent van Gogh (active in France) 
Alfred Sisley (English, active in France) (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Auguste Renoir (thumbnails & large images) (Carol Gerten-Jackson)
Paul Cézanne [Show]
Edgar Degas [Show]
Eduoard Manet (The Artchive)
Eugéne Boudin (Boudins' photogarphy and portaraits also on this site) (Wet Canvas)
Eugene Delacroix (The Artchive)
The First Impressionist Exhibition, 1874 ("a virtual recreation of the history-making show organized in defiance of the Paris Salon. Twenty of the most important works are presented from eight of the artists") (Mark Harden / Texas.net Museum of Art)
Paul Gauguin [Show]
Gustave Caillebotte (Wet Canvas)
The Image of France (key-word indexing of the record of prints--engravings, lithographs, woodcuts, etc.--published in Paris in the Bibliographie de la France for 1811-17) (George D. Mckee, Binghamton U./ARTFL)
Marie Quiveron Bracquemond (Wet Canvas)
Claude Monet [Show]
Vincent Van Gogh [Show]
Russian Art (19th-C. and Modern periods) George Mitrevski / American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)
Francisco de Goya [Show]
Latin America
General Resources for Latin American Art
UN-LANIC: University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center: Art Page (extensive links to Latin American art resources on the web, organized by country. Includes Caribbean art) (in Spanish, English, and Portugese)
Ricker Library: Central, Latin, and South American Art (good links to internet resources in Spanish and in English) (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
LatinArt.com (an online journal with information on artists, art issues, exhibitions, resources, etc. for Latin American art) (in English and Spanish)
Pre-Columbian (before 1500)
General Resources for Pre-Columbian Art
Ancient Aztec, Olmec, and Mesoamerica (information on art and architecture as well as daily life, with maps and images) (historylink101.com)
AncientChile.com (an educational resource with links and information on art, culture and history of ancient Patagonia and Araucania) (Patrick Olivares)
AncientMexico.com (an educational resource with links and information on art, culture and history of ancient Mesoamerica) (Patrick Olivares)
AncientPeru.com (an educational resource with links and information on art, culture and history of the ancient Andes) (Patrick Olivares)
The Cultures of Ancient Mexico (extensive image index organized by culture, includes descriptive information: excellent site for images) (National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City)
Edgar's Mesoamerican Art Page (more than 400 images of Mesoamerican art as well as links to cultural, historical, bibilographic, and other information) (E. del Campo)
Mesoamerican Art (extensive images and timeline from 1500 B.C. to 1521 A.D.) (Dr. Manuel Aguilar, California State U., Los Angeles)
Pre-Columbian Art (extensive information on art also includes information on literature and culture) (Judy Decker, The Incredible Art Department)
Pre-Columbian Art (introduction to Pre-Columbian art with images and map) (peru-explorer.com)
Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica (extensive links to resources including image galleries)
The Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute (official website includes information about research and conservation of Pre-Columbian art)
Taíno: Pre-Columbian Art and Culture from the Caribbean (website for the "first comprehensive exhibition of Taíno art presented in North America." Includes extensive images and historical information) (El Museo del Barrio)
Aztec Stone Sculpture (information and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Tenochtitlan: Templo Mayor (information and images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Tenochtitlan (information on the Aztec capital) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The Incas (extensive information on Incan history, culture and art with images and videos, plus links to other resources) (in English and Spanish) (Maria Rostworowski)
The Incas (information and images on Incan art and history) (Jorge Ruiz)
Incan Ice Mummies [Show]
The Caracol Project (the official site for the Caracol Archaeological Project, the excavation of the largest Mayan archaeological site in Belize) (U. of Central Florida)
Mayan Ceramics (images and descriptive information) (Alcala Gallery)
Tikal (information and good images on Tikal, includes sacred architecture and stone sculpture) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Maya Area, 1-500 A.D. (information, images and timeline of key events) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Olmec and Mezcala Stone and Terracotta (images and descriptive information) (Alcala Gallery)
Moche Portrait Vessels (information on Moche culture with links to images of Moche Portrait Vessels and other art) (Judy Decker, The Incredible Art Department)
Valdivia Figurines (introduction and images) (the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Monte Alban (information and good images on Monte Alban, includes sacred architecture and stone sculpture) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Post-Contact (after 1500)
General Resources for Post-Contact Art
Mexico and Central America, 1600-1800 A.D. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
South America, 1600-1800 A.D. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Mexico: Native Peoples, 1400-1600 A.D. (information and timeline of key events) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The Grandeur of Viceregal Mexico (extensive images and information from the exhibition on Mexican Art, 16th-19th centuries) (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)
16th century
17th century
18th century
19th century
Mexico and Central America, 1800-1900 A.D. (information and timeline of key events) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Mexico: From Empire to Revolution (web resource for the exhibition at the Getty Research Institute: extensive information and images on Mexico, 1857-1923) (Getty Museum)
Artchive Jose Guadalupe Posada (information and image links) (M. Harden)
Jose Guadalupe Posada: My Mexico (images and information from the travelling exhibition) (U. of Hawaii)
The Middle East
General Resources for Arts of the Middle East
Islamic Art at LACMA (includes an introduction to Islamic Art and links to great images) (Los Angeles Country Museum of Art)
North America (includes U.S., Canada and Native North American Nations and Cultures. For Mexican and Central American Art see Latin America.)
Pre-Colonial North America
General Resources for Pre-Colonial North American Art
Petroglyphs and Rock Painting (information and good images on petroglyphs and rock painting throughout North America) (John F. Campbell)
The Art and Architecture of the Anasazi (extensive introduction to Anasazi art and architecture, includes many images) (Katrina Cook, Australian National U.)
North America (Timeline of Art History covers North American Art from 8000 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E., includes images, key events and history) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Ancient (until 1 C.E.)
Indian Knoll (introduction to the Indian Knoll site, includes detailed images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
1-500 C.E.
Hopewell (introduction to Hopewell archaeological site with images) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
500-1000 C.E.
The Cahokia Mounds (state historical site offering virtual tour of the Cahokia Mounds includes images, history, resources for teachers, etc.) (Cahokia Mounds Museum Society)
1000-1400 C.E.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park (park includes Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo Indian sites; website includes links to images from the museum's collections and other historical resources) (National Park Service)
The Mississippian Moundbuilders and Their Artifacts (extensive introduction to the art and culture of the Native Americans known as the Mississippian Moundbuilders, includes many images) (Anthony Stein)
1400-1600 C.E.
Post-Contact North America
General Resources for Post-Contact North American Art
The Archives of American Art ("the largest collection of documents on the history of the visual arts in the United States," site includes a searchable collection catalog, oral history interview listing and much more) (Smithsonian)
CHIN Virtual Museum Canada (great online resource for Canadian art, offers extensive resources such as virtual exhibits and image galleries, in English and French) (Canadian Heritage Information Network)
17th century [Show]
18th century [Show]
19th century [Show]
The United States
17th century [Show]
18th century [Show]
19th century [Show]
Native North American Nations and Cultures
General Resources for Native North American Nations and Cultures [Show]
17th century [Show]
18th century [Show]
19th century [Show]
General Resources for Oceanic Art
Oceanic Tribal Art Links (links to online Tribal Art Galleries, museums, societies, groups and other institutions for Oceanic Art) (Alex Philips)
The Oceanic Art Society (society aims to "further and promote the understanding and appreciation of Oceanic Art")
Bibliography of Oceanic Art, Ethnography and Anthropology (online database of books and articles) (Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National U., Michael Gunn)
Oceanic Arts and Culture Web Index (links to online resources for Oceanic Art) (Zeroland)
Maps of the South Pacific (maps of the South Pacific, includes brief histories) (Mapsouthpacific.com)
Oceanic Art Resources  (online resources include many images from Australia, Melanesia and Polynesia) (Dr. Johnson, Humboldt U.)
Oceania (Timeline of Art History on Oceanic Art from 1600 A.D. to the present, includes links to special exhibitions, images, and other resources) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
ABC Pacific Arts Online (website of Pacific Arts explores a broad range of arts by themes, includes visual arts, crafts, body art, art issues and more) (arTok)
Artspacific.com (online gallery of South Pacific Art includes images and history from 8 South Pacific island nations)
Australia (Timeline of Art History covers Australian Art from 1600 A.D. to the present, includes history, images, key events, and links to special exhibitions) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
National Library of Australia (site includes an image database, the PANDORA web archive for Arts and Humanities, exhibitions of Australian art and other online resources for information on Australian art and culture)
AURANET The Australian Rock Art Research Association ("organization dedicated to the study and preservation of rock art in Australia and the world," includes links to online resources) (Robert G. Bednarik)
The Bradshaw Paintings (introduction to the Bradshaw rock paintings in Northwest Australia) (John Robinson, The Bradshaw Foundation)
Australian Museum The Australian Museum Online (site offers images and online resources on Australian archaeological and art collections, includes Research Center projects and Indigenous Programs)
Australian Aboriginal Art
Australian Aboriginal Art (introduction and exhibition on Australian Aboriginal Art) (OneWorld Magazine)
Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library (online resource for information on Aboriginal Studies, includes Aboriginal Australia) (Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek)
Aboriginal Art (includes information on Australian Aboriginal rock and contemporary art, plus links to other online resources) (Steve's Website)
Australian Stone Tools (website includes images and explanations of the use and history of Aboriginal Stone Artefacts at the Australian National University) (Stephanie Hawkins)
Art Areas of Melanesia (extensive links and information about regional art production) (Art-Pacific.com)
L'art de l'éphémère (Site explores the ephemeral sand art of Vanuatu) (Conference of the Museum of African and Oceanic Art, Marc Chemillier) (in French)
Micronesia (introduction to Micronesian Art includes images, maps, and links to additional resources) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
The Cook Islands (extensive information on the Cook Islands includes art, culture and crafts plus geographical and historical information) (Jarvy Web)
Easter Island
Easter Island Home Page (site includes information and links on Easter Island art, culture, history, geography and more) (David Y. Brookman)
Splendid Isolation: The Art of Easter Island (exhibition website includes good images and historical information) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Easter Island in Words and Pictures (introduction and online island tour include good images of the island's ruins) (Cliff Wassmann, Mysterious Places)
PBS Secrets of Easter Island (online resource explores Easter Island, includes good images of ruins plus other resources such as links and bibliography) (NOVA Online)
Discovery Channel Mystic Places: Easter Island (introduction to the ruins of Easter Island, includes images)
Images of Sites in Easter Island (images from 12 archaeological sites on Easter Island) (Clive Ruggles, U. of Leicester)
New Zealand
The New Zealand Art and Culture Web Directory (extensive information on a broad range of art, architecture, museums and more) (Zeroland)
The National Library of New Zealand (extensive online digital resources include great arts resources such as searchable image collections and online exhibitions)
Maori Art [Show]
Art Theory & Politics
M. Lucille Anderson, "Immoral Art: Postmodern Appropriation and the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990" (1007) (Thresholds)
Art Theory Resources (Ross Woodrow, U. Newcastle, Australia)
Freedom of Expression at NEA (interdisciplinary curriculum project centered on the relation of the U. S. government to the National Endowment for the Arts) (Julie Van Camp, California State U., Long Beach)
Stephen Hicks (Rockford C.), "Post-postmodern Art" (RomanticRealism.net)
Chris Lynn, "Reproducing Banality: Jeff Koons, Copyright, and the Postmodern" (1997) (Thresholds)
W.J.T. Mitchell
W. J. T. Mitchell: Homepage 
"Ekphrasis and the Other" (from Mitchell's Picture Theory, 1994) (Romantic Circles)
"Why Children Hate Dinosaurs" (Chap. 37 from Mitchell's The Last Dinosaur Book: The Life and Times of a Cultural Icon, 1998) (U. Chicago Press)
Jennifer Vanasco, "Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell" (U. Chicago Press)
Orrin N.C. Wang (U. Maryland), "The Last Formalist, or W.J.T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur" (innovative "paratextual" interview of Mitchell) (Romantic Praxis / Romantic Circles; HTML by Rita Raley)
Technological Analyses of Art
Conservation, Preservation and Restoration
The Getty Conservation Institute (information about the Getty Museum's Conservation Institute, including resources for education and research and descriptions of past and current conservation projects)
CoOL: Conservation Online (online resources for professional conservators) (Stanford U.)
PreserveNet ("a comprehensive database of regularly updated internet resources and current professional opportunities") (Cornell U.)
ICA: The Intermuseum Conservation Association (non-profit organization that provides conservation and preservation services and education)
AIC: The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (an organization for professional conservators)
Provenance Research
Provenance Research Project (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Works of Art: Provenance Research Project (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Getty Provenance Research (introduction and links to resources and research on provenance at the Getty Research Institute)
Getty Provenance Index Databases (search archival documents, sale catalogues and public collections databases) (Getty Research Institute)
Resources for Holocaust-Era Provenance Research
Provenance in the World War II Era, 1933-1945 (provenance information for objects in the museum's collection, site includes object database, provenance education and other research tools) (Smithsonian)
The Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal ("a searchable registry of objects in U.S. Museum collections that changed hands in Continental Europe during the Nazi era, 1933-1945") (American Association of Museums)
Guidelines Concerning the Unlawful Appropriation of Objects During the Nazi Era (American Association of Museums)
Museums with Online Nazi-Era Provenance Information (extensive links to museums that list "Nazi-Era provenance information for works in their collections") (American Association of Museums)
Getty Guide to Holocaust-Era Research Resources (extensive information on "resources that bear on Holocaust-Era looting and postwar dissemination of stolen art") (Getty Research Institute)
Technological Imaging and Analysis
The Application of Neutrons in Art History (explanations and examples of the use of autoradiography for art historical research) (Komitee Forschung mit Neutronen: The Committee for Research on Neutrons)
Revealing Picasso  (describes and explains technical examinations of Picasso's The Old Guitarist) (The Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Conservation)
Museums, Galleries, Institutes, & Centers
General Resources
American Association of Museums 
Art Museum Network (information and news about museums, collections, and exhibitions)
World Wide Arts Resources - Museums (information on museums, collections, and other educational resources online)
ICOM: The International Council of Museums 
ICOM: Virtual Library Museums Pages (a very extensive list of museums around the world linked to the web) (International Council of Museums)
Internet Art Resources (information on art and artists, galleries, exhibitions and museums) (Sound Data, Inc.)
CIMI (Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information)
Gary Schwartz (CODART) The CODART List: Dutch and Flemish Art in Museums (an excellent resource for Flemish and Dutch art on the internet)
Dia Art Foundation 
National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)
AMOL: Australian Museums and Galleries Online (news, exhibition announcements, conference calls, and other information on galleries and museums)
AUMOL: Australian University Museums Online 
Art Gallery of New South Wales 
AusArts: Web Server for Australian Visual Arts & Music at the Institute of the Arts 
ICOM Virtual Library - Museums in Austria (an extensive list of museums in Austria, organized by site) (The International Council of Museums)
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (The Vienna Museum of Art History) (in English and German)
Royal Museum for Central Africa (in English, French, and Dutch)
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art 
Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (in French and English)
Musée du Québec 
National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa) 
Royal Ontario Museum 
Textile Museum of Canada 
U. Victoria Maltwood Art Museum & Gallery 
Winnipeg Art Gallery 
Yukon Arts Centre 
CHIN: Canadian Heritage Information Network
Homepage of Canadian Heritage Information Network (gateway to Canadian art, cultural, and heritage resources; in English & French)
Guide to Canadian Museums and Galleries 
National Inventories 
Henan Museum (in English)
Henan Museum (in Chinese)
The Grand Egyptian Museum Project (Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Supreme Council of Antiquities)
Coptic Museum 
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (in English, Swedish and Finnish)
Finnish National Gallery (in English, Swedish, or Finnish)
General Information on Art Museums, Institutes and Centers in France
Réunion des Musées Nationaux (in French and English) (information about national museums in France)
Musées de Paris/Museums of Paris (searchable index of museums in Paris) (in English and French)
Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (Center of French Museum Research and Restoration) (in French)
French Ministry of Culture (in French)
Château de Versailles (the official website of the Palace of Versailles) (in French, English, Spanish, and Japanese)
The Louvre (in English, French, Spanish and Japanese)
Musée d'Orsay (in English, Spanish and French)
Centre Pompidou (houses the National Museum of Modern Art) (in English, French and Spanish)
Musée de l'Orangerie 
Musée Marmottan Monet (Marmottan Monet Museum) (in English and French)
Musée Gustave-Moreau (Gustave Moreau Museum) (in English, French and Japanese)
l'Institute du Monde Arabe/The Arab World Institute (houses the Musée des museés arabes) (in French and English)
Centre National de la Photographie (National Center of Photography) (in English and French)
Le Musée des Artes et Métiers (The Museum of Arts and Crafts) (in French)
German Galleries (a database of German art galleries and institutions)
Hamburger Kunsthalle (in German and English)
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (in German)
Deutsche Guggenheim/The German Guggenheim Museum (in German and English)
Kunstbibliothek (The Art Library) (in English and German)
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/National Museums in Berlin [Show]
National Galerie/National Galleries [Show]
Kunstareal Muenchen
Alte Pinakothek (in German and English)
Kunstareal München (in German)
Neue Pinakothek (in German and English)
Pinakothek der Moderne (in German and English)
Every Museum of Greece and Cyprus - Ariadne Network 
Museums in Kolkata (Calcutta)
indiatravelinfo.com Addresses and Brief Description of art museums in Calcutta 
Astra Infotech Nehru Children's Museum Established in 1972, collections include puppets depicting the Ramayana and the Mahabharata dolls wearing national costumes from different countries.
Transweb Solutions India Ltd. Indian Musuem, Calcutta (The Indian Museum is the offspring of the Asiatic Society of Bengal which was founded in 1784.The Museum is divided into six sections dealing with Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, Botany and Industry. The Picture Gallery includes Drawings and Paintings in Persian and Indian styles, Tibetian Temple Banners and Indian Miniatures)
achatt1@gl.umbc.edu Indian Museum, Calcutta Founded in 1784 the museum is divided into six sections dealing with Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology, Botany and Industry. The section on Picture Gallery includes Tibetian Temple Banners, drawings and paintings in Persian style and Indian miniature paintings.
Transweb Solutions India Ltd. The Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal The museum specialises in two areas: contemporary art, with paintings and sculptures by various eminent Indian artists, and tribal and regional art forms from the area of Madhya Pradesh.
National Gallery of Iceland (Reykjavik)
National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin)
Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin)
Hunt Museum (Limerick)
The Israel Museum Jerusalem (in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian)
Jerusalem Mosaic 
Tel Aviv Museum of Art (in Hebrew and English)
Galleria dell'Accademia (Florence) (in Italian)
Soprintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museale Fiorentino (extensive information and links to galleries and museums in Florence) (in Italian)
Soprintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museale Romano (in English and Italian) (includes links and information for galleries and museums in Rome)
Museo Nazionale del Bargello (Florence) (in Italian)
Polo Museale Fiorentino (extensive information on art museums and exhibitions in Florence with excellent images) (in English and Italian)
Galleria degli Uffizi  (Uffizi Gallery, Florence) (in English and Italian)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari (in Italian)
Museo Revoltella (gallery of modern art, Trieste) (in Italian)
MIFAV: Museo dell'Immagine Fotografica e delle Arti Visuali (Museum of Visual Arts and Photography) (U. di Roma Tor Vergata) (in Italian)
The Vatican
The Holy See (the official website of the Vatican, with links to the vatican art museums, libraries, and other resources) (in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese)
Gregorian Egyptian Museum (Vatican Museums Online)
Gregorian Etruscan Museum (Vatican Museums Online)
Raphael's Rooms (Vatican Museums Online)
Pinacoteca (art gallery) (Vatican Museums Online)
Ethnological Missionary Museum (Vatican Museums Online)
Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit (Online Exhibit: Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture)
Michael Olteanu and Christus Rex, Inc. Musei Vaticani (Extensive information, images and history from the Vatican Museums) (in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portugese)
Sistine Chapel [Show]
Art Tower Mito, Contemporary ART Center 
National Museum of Art, Osaka (in English and Japanese)
Nara National Museum (in English and Japanese)
Tokugawa Art Museum (in English and Japanese)
Yokohama Museum of Art (in English and Japanese)
Kyoto National Museum (in Japanese and English)
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (in English and Japanese)
Tokyo National Museum (in English and Japanese)
National Museum of Modern Art (in Japanese)
National Museum of Modern Art (in English)
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (in English and Japanese)
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (in English and Japanese)
National Museum of Western Art (in English and Japanese)
Hahoe Mask Museum (in English and Korean)
Artsonje Museum (contemporary art) (in English and Korean)
Gwangju National Museum (in Korean)
Gyeongju National Museum (in English and Korean)
Ho-Am Art Museum (in English and Korean)
Moran Museum of Art (in Korean. Site has limited English but many excellent images make the site accessible)
National Museum of Contemporary Art (in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese)
National Museum of Korea (in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese)
Seoul Arts Center (in Korean and English)
Seoul Museum of Art (in English and Korean)
Sungkok Art Museum (in English and Korean)
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation (foundation promotes ceramic art and operates the ceramic art museums of Icheon, Gwangju and Yeoju) (in English and Korean)
Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum (in English and Korean)
Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery (in English and Korean)
Icheon World Ceramic Center (in English and Korean)
The Netherlands
Van Gogh Museum (in English and Dutch)
Rijksmuseum ("the largest museum of art and history in the Netherlands", especially strong in 17th c. Dutch painting) (in English and Dutch)
Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art (in English and Dutch)
The Hague
Mauritshuis (15th-18th c. Dutch and Flemish art, especially strong in 17th c. Dutch art) (in English and Dutch)
Gemeentemuseum (modern and applied arts, music, and fashion) (in English and Dutch)
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (special collections of illuminated medieval manuscripts, maps, etc.) (in English and Dutch)
New Zealand
Auckland Art Gallery ("the most extensive collection of national and international art in New Zealand")
Te Papa Tongarewa/Museum of New Zealand (in English and Maori)
Nasjonalgalleriet  (The National Gallery, Oslo) (in English and Norwegian)
Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst (The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo) (in English and Norwegian)
Munch Museet (The Munch Museum, Oslo, is devoted to the work of Edvard Munch) (in English and Norwegian)
The State Hermitage Museum (Государственный Эрмитаж) (in English and Russian)
Museums of Russia  (Музей России) (links and information for museums in Russia) (in Russian)
Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Kunstkammer (Музей Антропологии и Этнографии Имени Петра Великого, Кунсткамера) (in English and Russian)
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Государственный Музей Изобразительных Искусств им. А. С. Пушкина) (in English and Russian)
The National Heritage Board (Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts)
Singapore Art Museum (20th century Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art)
General Information
Museums in Spain/Museos en España (in English and Spanish) (José Martínez)
SpanishArts.com (educational information on Spanish artists, museums, and art history of Spain) (in English and Spanish)
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (in Spanish, English and Catalan)
The Picasso Museum (in English, Spanish and Catalan)
Guggenheim Bilbao (in Spanish, Euskara, English and French)
Museo Nacional del Prado/The Prado National Museum (in English and Spanish)
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (modern and contemporary art) (in English and Spanish)
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (in English and Spanish)
National Museum, Stockholm (in English and Swedish)
Moderna Museet/Modern Museum (in English and Swedish)
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (in English and Chinese)
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (in English and Chinese)
Taipei Fine Arts Museum (in Chinese and English)
National Palace Museum, Taipei (in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German and Spanish)
Topkapi Palace Museum (in English and Turkish)
United Kingdom
London [Show]
Tate Galleries [Show]
Northern Ireland
National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland 
National Galleries of Scotland 
National Museums and Galleries of Wales 
United States
Smithsonian Institute Museums & Organizations
Smithsonian Institution 
SIRIS: Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (online gateway to the Smithsonian's archives, libraries, collections, art inventories, and other resources)
Arthur M. Sackler / Freer Galleries 
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 
National Museum of African Art 
National Museum of the American Indian 
National Museum of American Art 
National Museum of American Art: White House Collection of American Crafts 
National Portrait Gallery 
Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art 
Anchorage Museum of History and Art 
Museum of the North (U. of Alaska)
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco 
Los Angeles County Museum of Art 
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 
Huntington (Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens)
Museum of Contemporary Art 
J. Paul Getty Museum 
Norton Simon Museum (Pasadena)
ArtScene: Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Southern California (ArtSceneCal)
San Jose State U. Art Museum 
De Young Museum (San Francisco)
University of California Art Museums [Show]
Yale University Art Gallery 
Yale Center for British Art (Mellon Centre) 
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (Atlanta)
Museum of Design (in association with the Smithsonian Institution)(Atlanta)
High Museum of Art (Atlanta)
Michael C. Carlos Museum (ancient art) (Emory University)
David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art (U. of Chicago)
Indianapolis Museum of Art 
Indiana U. Art Museum 
U. Notre Dame Snite Museum of Art 
Spencer Museum of Art  (U. of Kansas)
Amistad Research Center (Tulane University)
Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)
Davis Museum and Cultural Center (Wellesley College)
McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College 
Museum of Bad Art ("community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory")
Harvard U. Art Museums [Show]
The Detroit Institute of Arts 
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (U. of Michigan)
Minneapolis Institute of Arts 
Weisman Art Museum (U. of Minnesota, Minneapolis)
New Jersey
Princeton U. Art Museum 
New York
New York Art World (information and news about exhibitions, art and artists in New York, with reviews and commentaries)
Art Deco Society of New York 
Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) 
Whitney Museum of American Art 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 
Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library 
Dahesh Museum of Art 
Museum for African Art 
Brooklyn Museum of Art 
Queens Museum of Art 
New Museum of Contemporary Art 
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo)
Dia: Beacon - Riggio Galleries (museum of the Dia Art Foundation collections)
George Eastman House (Museum of Photography and Film Archives)
Cleveland Museum of Art 
Allen Memorial Art Museum  (Oberlin College)
Philadelphia Museum of Art 
Reading Public Museum 
Kimbell Art Museum (Fort Worth)
Chinati Foundation (museum of contemporary art)
Dallas Museum of Art Online 
U. Virginia Bayly Art Museum 
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning (electronic exhibition catalogue) (Bayley Art Museum, U. of Virginia)
Washington, D.C. (see also Smithsonian Institute Museums and Organizations)
National Museum of Women in the Arts  
Madison Art Center, Wisconsin 
General Resources for Art Auctions and Auction Houses
ASK ART Art Auction Houses (an extensive list of art auction houses throughout the U.S.)
Art Auction Houses (links to auction houses and resources worldwide) (Williamette U., Salem, Oregon)
Art Auction Links (links to online resources for art auctions and auction houses) (artprice.com)
Art-Collecting.com (information and links to resources for information on auction houses, collecting, buying, and selling fine art) (Dan Fear and Art Support)
Auction Houses
Christie's International 
Dorotheum (in English and German)
Sloans & Kenyon 
Tajan (in English and French)
Online Auctions
icollector.com (live fine arts auctions online) (icollector.com Technologies, Inc.)
Biddingtons.com (online auctions and art galleries) (Biddington's, Inc.)
Richard Wright Wright Auctions Twentieth Century Modernism from industrial design to fine arts.
Art Bulletin (tables of contents, abstracts, and indexes only; back issues available for a per-article price through the
The Art Bin (art, literature, music, language, history, cultural politics) (Karl-Erik Tallmo)
ArtDaily ("the first art newspaper on the net")
Art Journal (tables of contents, abstracts, and indexes only; back issues available for a per-article price through the
ArtJob (description and sample of "bi-weekly newsletter bringing comprehensive, up-to-date national and international listings of arts employment and related opportunities in the Arts") (Western States Arts Federation)
Art Journals (Video On Line, Cagliari, Italy)
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 
AssemblyLanguage - Tokyo Avant-Garde Culture and Japanese Contemporary Art ("news, images, texts, and reviews concerning avant-garde culture and contemporary art from Tokyo, Japan")
CHart: Computers & the History of Art 
Communication Arts (journal for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers)
Critical Inquiry 
CrossConnect (U. Penn)
The Digital Links: A Technology Newsletter for Art Educators (Bettie Lake)
DoubleTake (Center for Documentary Studies, Duke U.)
The Electronic Visual Arts Journal 
EVA: Electronic Visual Arts Journal 
Exposure (contemporary art)
fineArt forum online (Art, Science and Technology Network)
Flightless Hummingbird: A Pseudo-Periodical -- Art, Paranoia, Eschatology, Fashion Tips 
Globe E-Journal (contemporary art and theory)
Glossolalia: Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts (Cyanobacteria Publications)
Glyphs: Review / Exhibits 
Iconomania: Studies in Visual Culture (Art History graduate students, UCLA)
International Sculpture Magazine 
Invisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Studies 
Ixion: A Quartley Magazine of Art and Literature 
Journal of Canadian Art History (Concordia U.)
Journal of Contemporary Art 
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (table of contents for current issue)
Leonardo Online 
Machine GRAPHICS & VISION Journal 
Maine Antique Digest Magazine (Sam Pennington)
Metropolis Online ("examination of contemporary life through focusing on the various design disciplines -- architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning and preservation")
Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide "scholarly, peer-reviewed E-journal devoted to nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe"
NWHQ (Elizabeth Fischer)
October 71: Special Issue feminist issueS 
October 70: Special Issue The Duchamp Effect 
Religion and the Arts (Boston C.)
Resource Library Magazine: America's Magazine for Representational Art 
TalkBack: A Forum for Critical Discourse (e-journal "devoted to on-line art and social issues") (Center for Long Distance Art & Culture, located at Lehman College)
Tracce: Rock Art Online Bulletin (petroglyph research)
Transverse Worlds (online art journal)
Vitruvius Online (online journal for architects, engineers, interior designers, and building contractors covering "design theory, politics of the constructed environment, and innovation in construction technology")
Word (zine with very advanced graphic design) (ICon CMT Corp.)
World Wide Arts Resources: Arts Publications 
ZipZap (Williams and Fenn Publications)
Academic Departments & Programs
Department of Art, Art History, and Design (U. of Notre Dame)
Boston C. Fine Arts Dept. 
Departments of Art and Art Studio
Department of Art (U. of California, Los Angeles)
Department of Art (U. of California, Santa Barbara)
Department of Fine Art (U. of Toronto)
Anglia Polytechnic U., Cambridge, Dept. of Art & Design (includes art history)
U. North Texas, School of Visual Arts (Craig Berry)
Departments of Art Conservation
Art Conservation Department (Buffalo State University)
Departments of Art History
Concordia U. Art History Dept. 
Duke U. Dept. of Art and Art History 
SUNY Buffalo Art History Dept. 
U. California, Santa Barbara, History of Art & Architecture Dept. 
U. Chicago Art History Dept. 
UCLA Art History Dept. 
U. Essex Dept. of Art History and Theory 
U. Evansville Art History (Department of Archeology and Art History)
U. Glasgow Centre for for History, Archaeology, and Art History 
U. Penn History of Art Dept. 
U. Wisconsin - Madison, Dept. of Art History 
Departments of Design and Media Arts
UCLA Design/Media Arts (U. of California, Los Angeles)
Department of Design (California State U., Sacramento)
Course Syllabi & Teaching Resources
Yve-Alain Bois (Harvard U.), "The Meanings of Abstraction" (abstract art in modernist culture, 1910-80)
Brad Brace (U. Victoria, B. C.), "Art in the Age of Digital Dissemination" 
Gary Downing and Frank Edler (Metropolitan Community C., Omaha, Nebraska), Aesthetics and Electronic Imaging ("attempts to bridge the gap between the rapidly expanding field of visual technology and the traditional humanities")
Craig Eliason (Rutgers U.), Survey of German Art and Architecture 

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